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RWP Paint Protection

Temporary Paint Protection that is Affordable, Effective, Easy to Use and Environmentally Safe

Protects against environmental hazards, rock chips, salt corrosion, bugs, tar and physical protection from minor nicks, scratches and abrasion.

For the Custom Painter

Are you concerned about protecting your custom paint job from handling damage while it gets delivered to your customer?

Is it difficult for your customer to assemble their new parts without damaging the fresh paint?

Handling fresh paint during assembly, a risky proposition

Looking for a way to protect your paint job while on the road?

Using Road Warrior Plus Paint Protection these bugs can be removed in 30 seconds

Whether it's your Classic Street Rod, motorcycle or motorhome - RWP gives you effective, affordable protection against the elements.

There when you need it, simple to remove when you don't.









Are you a track racer?

Say goodbye to taping up your car with blue painters tape.

Road Warrior Plus is stronger, cheaper and faster to use. RWP cleans up easily leaving no residue behind.

Purchase Road Warrior Plus from
Madshadow Custom Paint

RWP is easily removed after spraying with cold water

Road Warrior PlusRoad Warrior Plus

Road Warrior Plus™
Maximum Protection for your
Custom Paint job, Motorcycle, Sports Car, Boat Trailer and Motorhome

Road Warrior Plus™ Paint Protection is easy to apply, easy to remove and is virtually undetectable when rolled or sprayed on and allowed to dry. You may leave it on all the time, or use temporarily when transporting your showbike, car, boat or anything else that needs paint protection. The water-based solution rolls on white and turns totally clear when dry.


Endorsed by Orange County Choppers, Diamond Chrysler, PPG Industries, and The Boeing Company


Orange County Choppers

Tom Joyce, OCC Service Manager says "every bike created by OCC, will be protected with Road Warrior Plus paint protection during assembly, all the way to the dealer".

2009 Powersports Dealer Expo Report

Voted as one of the best products of 2009
at the Powersports Dealer Expo!